Star Ocean | Anamnesis Character Evelysse

A mysterious girl that you encounter when a malfunctioning warp drive teleports you to a deserted planet. Although she wields a mysterious power that allows her to summon warriors from across space and time, she herself does not seem to be able to fight. Although she can have a sharp tongue and is unafraid to speak her mind, she is fiercely protective of her friends, and has agreed to help you on your journey home. She claims to have no memory of her past, but she speaks with Coro in a way that makes you wonder if she has a younger sibling somewhere.

Star Ocean | Anamnesis Character Coro

An AI robot in charge of handling all of your ship’s operations. His official model name is OCAI-880-56, but the crew calls him “Coro” for short. This model was designed to communicate in an efficient and speedy manner, but has a tendency to develop an overly expressive personality, leading to a high rate of returns to the manufacturer. You, however, chose to keep Coro on your ship, and by doing so you’ve earned his undying loyalty and gratitude. You can count on him to follow you to the ends of the universe!