Space Date 346

A new era is about to begin, hurled by an unknown power ―

The story begins in an underdeveloped planet, Roak. Kratus, where the main character Roddick resides, is situated on the southernmost tip of the continent of Muah. It is known as a peaceful yet uneventful town, free of accidents or incidents. One day, Roddick, a member of the defense force who patrols the town, is informed that an unknown epidemic is spreading in the neighboring town ― a rare disease that petrifies the body while one is alive. After visiting the neighboring town, Roddick, along with his best friends, Dorne and Millie, set out for the summit of Mt. Metorx, where an all-curing herb is said to grow. As they head towards the summit, Roddick and friends meet Ronyx and Ilia who emerged from a pillar of light. This encounter marks the beginning of a journey spanning the stars and beyond...


"Earth" - a planet that continues exploring space
"Earth," home planet to Ronyx and Ilia, is the third star in the solar system, which exists in Sector θ. A highly civilized, rich, and advanced planet, its scientific technology is extemely well developed, and it even possesses battleships to navigate through space. Ronyx serves as captain of one of its vessels, known as the Calnus.


The first goverment alliance among multiple planets
Proposed by Earth and established in S.D. 12, this was the first government alliance to span multiple planets. It is known as the "Terran Alliance" after Earth, which was central to its inception. This is the government agency to which Ronyx and Ilia subsribe. It conducts interstellar research and negotiations with other planets about government alliance affiliation, and it even arranges treaties among alliances, such as the "Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact."


Muan continent, Muan Kingdom
A peaceful and tranquil continent overseen by the Muan Kingdom
A peaceful and tranquil continent overseen by the Muan Kingdom. Portmith, the castle town by Muah Castle, is a vibrant port town that thrives on the ships that frequent it. Additionally, although abandoned now, Mt. Metorx, one of Roak's prominent mines, stands tall. Kratus, home to Roddick and Millie, is located at the southernmost end of the Muan continent.


The generic name for two-legged creatures whose ancestry traces back to primates, specifically apes. Earth-dwelling humans are some of the main creatures categorized into this race. They lack tails, and their animalistic senses of sound and smell are duller than those of the Fellpool, for example. However, they exhibit an aptitude for abilities in scientific technology as well as knowledge and technology-related fields. Things like the existence of "symbology magic," known widely throughout Planet "Roak," are phenomena that are completely foreign to Ronyx and Ilia.